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The A-F World Intro The A-F World Intro

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


It's not the best teaser. All of the animation is a bit too quick, you can't really follow anything at all. And when the video loops, the music keeps playing and over-lapping, constantly, until it just becomes one jumble of sound. Try to slow it down a bit so people know exactly what you're getting at and try to stop the music for each loop, or put in an ending screen that stops the music anyway. The usual replay button is a good thing.

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Adonis-Flash responds:


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Wild Wild West Shooting Wild Wild West Shooting

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Kind of too easy..

As the summary says, too easy. Once you get the timing for the draw down, it just gets so easy. The enemies pretty much stay the same with their equipment and when you get everything maxed out, you one shot every enemy you come across. I give you five stars for the concept but you lose points for how simple it is, especially how easy it is to get money. If nothing else, and if you decide to remake the game sometime, try making the equipment cost way more so the game will last longer. Or you could upgrade the enemy difficulty as the player gets better gear. Other than that, it was enjoyable for a few short minutes.

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happybirthday90 responds:

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback :) Will surely work on making it a bit more harder :)